School Climate Development

Collaboration and Accountability

The School Climate and Systems Development Team strives to create and achieve equity, advocacy, and skill-building by valuing each student and educator. We provide support to school teams in disrupting and dismantling inequitable systems. We do this by:

  • Building authentic relationships

  • Side-by-side coaching

  • Modeling

  • Mentoring

  • Individually tailored professional development

  • Collaborating with other teams and departments

The School Climate Development Team works alongside principals, instructional leadership teams, mental health providers, and educators to identify systems that impact the learning community and collaboratively create new systems that are effective, equitable and sustainable in order to change experiences and outcomes for students.

School-Wide Systems: Analyze and dismantle systems that create barriers to student growth academically and socially emotionally. 

Adult Experience: Support in building a safe and welcoming community that reflects our district values and commitment to equity by creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels appreciated and valued for their unique contributions.

Student Experience: Create an equitable and joyful experience for all students where they feel seen, valued, and their experiences are honored.

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Manager of School Climate Development Team
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