Youth Violence Prevention

Denver Public Schools recognizes the growing impact of youth violence in our schools and communities, and is committed to mobilizing resources in support of identifying and addressing the needs of individuals and communities most adversely effected.

In partnership with the City and County of Denver and the Denver Youth Violence Prevention Action Table's 2023 Strategic Plan, 皇冠365 created a team of specialists who will utilize a collaborative approach with school staff and community organizations in order to address the needs of adversely effected students & families across our Denver communities.

Mission Statement

Our team of Youth Resilience Liaisons take tangible action by meeting the day-to-day needs of at-risk students starting with the basic needs in the home, then working to increase their engagement with school and community based programming designed to support positive behavior & engagement.

We seek to create school cultures where youth feel connected to a trusted adult who can talk to them about what is happening and what they need and connect them with the right resources and supports.

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Joseph Trujillo
Youth Violence Prevention Specialist
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Resources & Important Links

Connect with our City Partners See some of the other work Denver is doing to prevent youth violence! Denver Youth Violence Prevention

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Talking to Children About Violence Tips for families and educators from the National Association of School Psychologists NASP Online

Strategy for Intervention and Prevention

  • Collaboration-Based Relationships: A collaborative effort with city resources and community-based groups to provide continued resources and services for our students, families, and school leadership to prevent violence in our community from spilling over into our schools.

  • Connecting with City Partners: Partnerships include:

    • The Mayor's Youth Violence Prevention (YVP) Action Table

    • Denver Office of Children's Affairs

    • Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance

    • Denver District Attorney's Office

    • Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID)

    • Denver Juvenile Probation - Denver Police Department

    • Fully Liberated Youth

    • Gang Rescue and Support Project (GRASP)

    • The Office of Community Violence Solutions

  • School Support: Providing resources for School Leadership Teams to efficiently serve our students and their families with services that will help promote health and wellness. Some of our community partnerships that support our schools are:

    • Denver Indian Center

    • Denver Health

    • Denver Children's Advocacy Center

    • Second Wind Fund

    • 结实的圣. Mental Health Clinic

    • Food Bank of the Rockies

  • Community Engagement: Continually providing our families and students extended support from the school into their neighborhood by helping families heal.

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